What Makes Salutary Unique… By the Numbers

Contact Records Evaluated Every Quarter
Of Vetted Records Met Our Standard For Publishing To Customers
Mobile Phone Fill Rate
Top Data Products and Services Power Their Offerings With Our Business Contact Data
Yearly Customer Retention

U.S. Database

The very highest curated quality contacts. Covering the businesses you’re targeting: Fast-growing technology companies and key market sectors. Important job titles, levels, functions and roles. All size companies. The movers and shakers you want to find and reach.

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Total U.S. Contact Records
80.7MTotal U.S. Contact Records
100% postal, phone and email fill rates; includes name, title & company.
Total Deliverable Emails
50.4MTotal Deliverable Emails
100% email fill rate with valid and catchall dispositions and hard bounces suppressed.
Mobile Phones
57.4MMobile Phones
The single most valuable field for efficient contact when used wisely–especially as the business world evolves towards work-from-home and hybrid.
Unique LinkedIn URLs
67.8MUnique LinkedIn URLs
Whether used as an input field to enrich your LinkedIn contacts, or as an output field, LinkedIn is the standard for a user-maintained business profile.
Personal Emails
67.6MPersonal Emails
Personal emails provide an alternative pathway of communication.

How We Do It

Our proprietary process includes 3 key steps:
Sourcing, Curation & Verification
  • Deduplicate, standardize and normalize
  • Proprietary curation processes and algorithms supplemented by AI automation
  • Special focus on accuracy of key emails, phones and name-title-company fields
17% of the records meet our rigorous quality vetting

What our clients are saying

“Salutary Data has delivered on their data quality and we’re seeing nearly double the open rates.”

Head of Product at a recruiting automation platform company with valuation of $200M

“We’ve now worked with Salutary Data for 3 years. Their attention to detail, data curation and validation, and partner-friendly approach to contracting sets them apart from other data providers.”

CEO of VC-backed Sales Intelligence Platform

“For the last 5 years, Salutary has provided us with phone and email data for Qualified Lead campaign fulfillment. We always get the freshest records and see up to a 50% higher conversion rate.

VP of Data Management of a $25Mill ARR Lead Gen Provider

Salutary has helped us scale our platform and business in general. We’re very happy with the partnership including their industry knowledge and understanding of our commercial model, cost structure and GTM strategy.”

CEO of a high-growth B2B Data Platform

Ryan and the whole Salutary team have been great to partner with over the last 3 years. We’ve increased our usage ten-fold with Salutary because of their data quality, coverage, and thinking outside of the box in regards to integration and data activation””

CEO of an Applicant Tracking System with 15,000 users

It just doesn’t make business sense for my team to ingest 9 different contact data feeds and do the normalization and value-add work they do. We focus on syndicating content and getting qualified Leads for our clients.”

CEO of a $15M Content Syndication Company

How do you want to consume our data?

At Salutary Data we have a myriad of options to allow you to access our data. We will work with you to make sure the solution you chose is best for you.

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Full and Custom Data Feeds
We work with you to carefully understand your use cases and criteria, then build a custom and accurate US data file tailored to your exact specifications and business requirements.

API Suite
Salutary’s API is typically used by customers who need to embed a contact enrichment and access capability within their own applications.

Web UI
Salutary’s Web UI product is targeted to customers where end-users need to perform ad-hoc searches of the entire database using their chosen personal search criteria.

In addition to these three Salutary Data Products, customers can take advantage of a number of more tailored, higher-service offerings.