Pricing Models for Customers

Salutary’s approach to pricing emulates our overall approach to partnering with our customers, including offering a range of flexible price models listed below. We’re very focused on creating a win-win outcome when customers buy from Salutary. This starts with a Discovery Call in which we seek to understand your business, products, use cases, and data requirements. We customize the best arrangement once we understand how contracting for contact data affects your business model, profit margins, and risks. We tend not to be the highest priced option. We also may not be the lowest due to our extensive data curation efforts and costs. From years of experience, we’re confident in the high quality and fair pricing of our data content, and we fully appreciate you’re evaluating alternatives from other providers.

Pricing structures

Typical pricing structures that we have found are effective with our customers are:

  • Flat fee, Annual Subscription:  receive a regularly updated full-file data feed
  • Usage based.  Pay-per-match, only when you download:  Purchase a fixed amount of download credits, for API or Web UI product access.   Run unlimited counts, and only pay with your credits when we match your search input criteria and you opt to download the contact records.   
  • Success-based:  We get paid only based on your economic success.   Examples include pay-per-converted lead, predefined revenue share, a fixed subscription that grows as your business is anticipated to grow, or some other mutually-agreed success metric, 
  • Pilot-to-Commercial:  Many customers prefer to start small with a pilot test of our data. Thai mitigates risk and ensures Salutary’s data and products perform as expected inside their application or service, and only then commit to a fuller long-term arrangement. 
  • Project based/One-off:  Let us be your data concierge.  Tell us your data requirements, we’ll work together to help you understand our coverage, provide samples, and then fulfill with a CSV file.