Hundreds of millions of records from several data suppliers
Full Business Card Records
63.03MUnique Contact Records
100% postal, phone and email fill rates; includes name, title & company.
Valid Work Emails
46.06MValid Work Emails
100% email fill rate with valid and catchall dispositions and hard bounces suppressed.
Mobile Phones
39.35MMobile Phones
The single most valuable field for efficient contact when used wisely–especially as the business world evolves towards work-from-home and hybrid.
LinkedIn Person URLs
47.85MLinkedIn Person URLs
Whether used as an input field to enrich your LinkedIn contacts, or as an output field, LinkedIn is the standard for a user-maintained business profile.
Personal Emails
21.77MPersonal Emails
Personal emails provide an alternative pathway of communication.
Direct Dials
6.69MDirect Dials
Higher productivity direct dials; avoid gatekeepers; achieve higher connect rates.

Data Fields Coverage

Contact Info

  • First and Last Name
  • Work Email
  • Personal Email
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Mobile Phone
  • Direct Dial Phone
  • Social Media Profiles

Professional Info

  • Title (Full text of actual)
  • Job Function (18)
  • Job Level (6)

Company Info

  • Common Company Name
  • Company/Org Domain Name
  • Revenue and Employee Size ranges (6)
  • Industry: Category, SIC and NAICS
  • State and Zip Code
  • Full Address and Phone

Additional Insights

  • Education
  • Skills
  • Location
  • Wealth
  • Age
  • Experience