Our Customers

Seven years after our founding, Salutary Data has built a deep set of large, long-term customer relationships. Our customer list includes a who’s who of the biggest and most innovative sales intelligence platform providers, a roster of major content-syndication-based lead generation providers, an emerging list of top recruiting platforms, list brokers and digital agencies, and selected vertical end-user segments. All of these customers have come to trust and depend on Salutary Data for high-quality B2B contact data.

Case Study

X Marks the Spot: Discover a Treasure Trove of B2B Contacts with Salutary Data … Now Available for Business & Academic Research

Gregg Thaler, Director of Strategic ISV Alliances at Adobe, and confessed CRM data quality junkie, has said that “Contact data ages like fish not wine…it gets worse as it gets older, not better.” The quote might earn a few chuckles, but no one can deny the point he’s making. Whether you are depending on B2B contact information to power sales or are gathering competitive intelligence to inform strategic decisions, data that is past its “expiration date” is a major challenge. That’s why the Content Team at Nexis® Solutions is committed to identifying sources of robust contact records to add to our world-leading content universe. One 2020 addition across LexisNexis® products, including Nexis® and Nexis Uni®—is Salutary Data, a curator of business contacts.

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Customer Testimonials

Industries We Serve

Sales & Marketing Intelligence product & platform providers

The marketplace is rich with sales & marketing SaaS based solutions that can provide tremendous value to their clients. However, they have a deep understanding that their products and platforms are only as good as the data that fuels them. A Lamborghini is not the same car on 87 octane as it is on 93 octane. Our clients rely on our data to be that 93 octane for their solutions.

Call Centers/Appointment Centers

With so many employees working in so many different locations, requirements for data where there are many forms of outreach are invaluable. Having a variety of ways to engage with prospective buyers increases a reps chances of setting that ever important meeting on behalf of their client.

Recruiting & Talent

Ever Changing Job landscape. Companies and recruiters need a data repository that is accurate and has depth of data for outreach. Salutary’s rich database offers multiple vehicles of communication through mobile phones, personal emails, LinkedIn URL’s, etc.

List Brokers

Need quick and flexible access to a robust database to service a wide variety of customers with accurate data to increase the probability of success for their clients. And to keep them coming back!

Digital Agencies

Provide strategic and creative sales and/or marketing services focused on user experience, mobile, social, data gathering and analytics. They employ a wide variety of different tactics, strategies, and online tools to help their customers attain their marketing and sales goals. These agencies rely on our data to achieve this for their clients.

AI/Machine Learning & Analytics

In the constant quest to identify the very best prospects, many companies have adopted the science of predictive analytics to help hone in on that very universe. The result, finding the right customers faster and more efficiently.

Marketing/Sales Agencies/Consultancies

Data is the lifeblood of an organization and serves as the foundation for any good sales & marketing strategy. Consultancies and Agencies need to have confidence in the data they will use to carry out their plans for their clients campaigns.

Web Directories for Contacts

We partner with many companies that offer web platforms that give end users access to contacts for a variety of reasons. They trust our highly curated data to be that source of information for their customers.