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Our customers are third parties whose products and services generally serve the sales and marketing efforts of end-users, such as inside sales teams and marketing departments. Customer use cases include content syndication companies, phone and email lead generation firms, business intelligence services, publishers, and other B2B sales and marketing technologies. Our highly customized feed of curated B-to-B contacts acts like the “Intel Inside” data embedded in our customers’ product/service solutions.

Our ideal customer profile is a partner who likes to roll up their sleeves with us to formulate the right, best custom data feed that delivers the contact targets most sought by their end-users. This exacting process is often iterative; our customers appreciate the customization, transparency, and close interactive relationship. They also are comfortable vertically integrating us into their processes and products/services. The spirit is cooperative and win/win oriented and a “We will get there together”. We delight in our customers’ success as it reflects well on us too.

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