Why Salutary?

Learn about our differentiators from our competitors

Business Attributes

  • We let you focus on what you do best.
  • We deliver ROI for our clients through our proven approach to data.
  • We have a fair & flexible pricing structure.
  • We have over 100 combined years of B2B & data experience.
  • We are win-win relationship minded.

Company Qualities

  • Strong industry reputation.
  • Nimble & accessible.
  • Trustworthy & transparent.
  • Dedicated & committed to excellence.
  • We are fun; we love what we do!

Salutary Data Core Values

Our customers are why we exist.

Our customers are ground zero for everything we do. They are why we accomplish our goals.

We are data geeks.

We realize that accurate, current, and high-quality data is essential for remaining competitive in the marketplace. To maintain our position, we are committed to continuously improving our data.

We are lean, efficient, and agile.

Our success relies on each of us being responsible stewards of our business, and operating in a straight line manner, with urgency.

We like ideas and innovation.

We are a meritocracy and are ego-less when deliberating and selecting the best ideas. We make tough decisions without overly agonizing.

We get stuff done.

We take action…..and we focus on achieving measurable results.

We seek to know ourselves as individuals and as a company.

We value authenticity, introspection, and personal growth; we also are mindful of how we fit into the team.

What Makes Salutary Unique… By the Numbers

Contact Records Evaluated Every Quarter
Of Vetted Records Met Our Standard For Publishing To Customers
Mobile Phone Fill Rate
Top Data Products and Services Power Their Offerings With Our Business Contact Data
Yearly Customer Retention

Salutary Data is a Boutique Provider of U.S. Contact Records.