API Suite


Salutary’s API is typically used by customers who need to embed a contact enrichment and access capability within their own applications. They opt for API access to: have a lower-footprint infrastructure (no need to load a bulk data feed); enrich specific contacts records on-demand based on their API match inputs; use their contracted number of API credits to pay only for data actually used in their business model.

API Documentation

API Functionality

  • Three primary input matching options: Emails, LinkedIn URL, and Employee Name and Company
  • Powerful match of up to 10,000 emails or LinkedIn URLs in a single bulk API call
  • Entire contact record is always downloaded in CSV or JSON
  • Require presence of certain fields such as mobile phones, direct dials, personal emails, LinkedIn
  • Powerful GetCounts/GetContacts API for all-purpose API-based search of entire database using all field criteria, with optional download of matched contacts

API Use Cases

  • Match and Enrich your existing contact records
    • Mobile and Direct Dial Phones for telemarketing
    • Emails for targeted campaigns
    • LinkedIn URLs
  • Append data for Sales and Marketing Campaigns
  • Enriched Leads Web Form-filling
  • Contact Validation – keep data up-to-date
  • CRM Data enrichment, cleansing and hygiene
  • API to API integration
  • Proven reliability and high-throughput
  • Flexible Purchase options available