Database & Services

Hundreds of millions of records from numerous, B2B compilers


60.8M Unique B2B Records
100% postal, phone and email fill rates; includes name, title & company.


9.3M Direct Dials 
Higher productivity direct dials; avoid gatekeepers; achieve higher connect rates.


45m Valid Work Emails
100% email fill rate with valid and catchall dispositions and hard bounces suppressed.


33.17M Mobile Phones
The single most valuable field for efficient contact when used wisely–especially as the business world evolves towards work-from-home and hybrid.


42M LinkedIn Person URLs
Whether used as an input field to enrich your LinkedIn contacts, or as an output field, LinkedIn is the standard for a user-maintained business profile.

Data Fields Coverage

B2B Contact Info

  • First and Last Name
  • Work Email
  • Personal Email
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Mobile Phone
  • Direct Dial Phone

Professional Info

  • Title (Full text of actual)
  • Job Function (18)
  • Job Level (6)

Company Info

  • Common Company Name
  • Company/Org Domain Name
  • Revenue and Employee Size ranges (6)
  • Industry: SIC and NAICS
  • State and Zip Code
  • Full Address and Phone

Our Products & Services

Custom File, API Suite, Web UI

Our core offering! We work with you to carefully understand your use cases and criteria, then lovingly build a custom and accurate US B2B file tailored to your exact specifications, delivered and updated to fit your business requirements.

Data Enrichment

We assess the fill rate gaps and profile your customer file for the purpose of appending fields, updating information, and/or rendering net new “look alike” prospects for your campaigns.

Verification (“Cleaning/Hygiene”) Services

Address the 2% per month aging issue on B2B contact records! We will identify duplicate records, contacts no longer at the company, rid your email hard bounces, and update/replace titles or phones. This is right up our alley and levers our existing internal and external processes and systems.

ABM Match & Append

Send us your domain or other company related files, and we’ll match your Account Based Marketing targets and provide you with B2B contacts to campaign. Optionally throw in your suppression file to avoid any redundant records.